I am an Atlanta and Georgia based self-taught photographer.

I have always had an absolute LOVE for photography. I have spent years in front of a camera but never dreamed of being the one behind the camera. As a kid, I was an aspiring ballet and tap dancer who, when entering High School found a new love...Theatre. In a 3 year time span I dedicated my (what seemed like) entire existence to my school's drama program (and we ROCKED). I met the best of friends and a teacher that inspired everyone to dream big.

I currently live in Georgia with my husband and spent some of the best years of my life at Kennesaw State University where I earned a degree in Psychology.

I love:

Adventure. I want to see it all.

MUSIC..any music at all. Really!

Handmade items. I love anything unique and different

Food. Corndogs to Caviar....I LOVE IT ALL. The way to my heart for sure!

Art: I love creating and persevering unique and memorable moments in people's life. 

I'd be honored to chat more about a session. Shoot me an email, I'd be happy to hear from you!!!