I am an Atlanta and Georgia based self-taught photographer.

I am weird and a little crazy….sounds appealing right! hehe
I love the beauty in all things. A little weird and crazy always appeals to me! I’m all about capturing the great, unique, special, raw, and crazy moments…because HEY that’s life!
Real, raw moments are what binds together the magic of a wedding. I LIVE for that magic every time I capture a wedding!
I adore couples who are laid back, crazy in love, and have an adventurous spirit.

When you hire me to shoot your special day, I can guarantee you three things:
We will be great friends by the end of the day!
I will eat your cake, donuts, cupcakes….etc….because CAKE IS LIFE!
I WILL dance with you! So get ready to boogie with me!

House of Ravenclaw
Enneagram- #4

I love:

Adventure. I want to see it all. Visit my IG (alisha_harpe) to see more of my travels!
MUSIC. Mostly Indie Rock, with a touch of old school rap and hip hop…ya 90’s kids feel me?!
Handmade items. I love anything unique and different!
Food. Corndogs to Caviar....I LOVE IT ALL!
Art. Again…I love anything unique and different. Currently soooo into handmade jewelry!
I have a degree in Psychology from Kennesaw State University! GO Owls

Think we are the perfect match? Shoot me an email, I'd be happy to hear from you!!!